Terms of Use

Copyright and Public Performance Rights

Without copyright laws, we cannot continue to produce our films. Producing documentary films requires a great deal of funding and especially so when the locations are in Japan, China and India. Normally films on DVD and for digital download are licensed for single person private viewing in the home. Educational institutions will require a public performance license to screen our films. All of the films featured on this educators website include a license for public performance rights. A public performance is any screening of our film outside of the home and to family members, such as in a college, university, school, library, auditorium, classroom or meeting room. We charge a title by title fee of $199.00 for screening of the film title to a non-paying audience in an institutional context. Museums or exhibitors pay an extra $100 for profit fee ($299.00). Our license also covers libraries that may loan for limited use within a library systems and patrons and students. For museums that wish to screen our films to the public we charge a total fee of $299.00. Our public performance license has no expiry date and represents great value. If you are unsure of what this means or have a question about our public performance license then please contact us here.

DVD Format and shipping

Our DVD discs are produced to a very high standard by one of the biggest manufacturers in the USA and checked before they are shipped. Should a DVD disc not play correctly please contact us and we will resolve the issue. In some cases you may have to select NTSC format instead of PAL on your player. Should the DVD not play on your player, in this case we will offer a download version of the movie free of charge. Please note that we do not give refunds for DVD purchases. DVD’s are in a worldwide region-free format and will play in every country. We do our best to make sure your order is delivered correctly and as fast as possible. We cannot guarantee delivery if your address is incomplete or incorrect so please check your address. International orders are shipped via airmail and may pass through customs, so please allow time for delivery. If an order is not delivered contact your nearest customs office and post office. We will replace a missing DVD with a HD download digital movie.

HD Digital Download 1080p 

Our HD digital download film is in 1080p resolution and in most cases with 5.1 Dolby surround sound audio. This does make the average file 2.3Gb in size. Make sure you have a stable internet connection – this is more important than speed. You have ten attempts to download your movie. If you fail to download your movie due to a technical problem please contact us. Due to piracy and sharing concerns we cannot offer refunds on downloads wether partial or complete. You have three months from the purchase date to download the movie and we suggest you store the download file on a hard-drive or import to iTunes. Do not use a mobile platform such as iPhone or iPad to download the movie. We allow the movie to be copied to a spare hard drive but you cannot share or copy the movie to outside users. You are not allowed to make copies to be uploaded to the internet or any file sharing network. It is a felony to pirate movies so please consider this important fact.


We accept the four major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery Card. Your transaction is processed on our secure servers and your information is fully protected and shielded. Payments are made to Empty Mind Films LLC. Your payment information is processed by a leading credit card merchant with a secure online payment gateway. This transaction does not occur on our servers and we do not store any financial information on our website. You can also pay with your Paypal account or use a credit card for a Paypal payment. You will receive a receipt when the transaction is complete but if you require a separate receipt emailed to you after payment please let us know. If you can only pay by bank check you will need to contact us so we can send you an invoice and you can mail your check to our USA office.

We value your security and privacy. This site is part of the strongest security network as requested by major banks and credit card processors. It is constantly monitored for a strong safe environment. Below is the shield that ensures your financial information is safe and private. The site is protected by a SSL secure connection. We do not store any financial information on our local servers and neither does our hosting company. Your credit card information is encrypted and only used to verify payment by our bank and card processor and it is then permanently deleted. This means you have to input your card information at each visit or purchase but that is a more secure sytem than having your card information retained. We think you prefer our extra security.